Truffle experience 7th Scent 

 Workshop trufflehunting 

In this 2.5 hour workshop we explain what the basic principles of the game truffle hunting are. 

Theory and practice are combined in this workshop to let you and your dog discover as much as possible from the quest for this delicious truffle. 

The costs for this workshop are € 100,- per person If you do not have a dog and would still like to attend a workshop, this can be done with a dog of 7th Scent.

Course trufflehunting (dog training)

Within 7th scent there is the possibility to follow a short training and do the basic training with your dog. 
During this course you will get theory about truffle hunting and we will teach you together with your dog to find this truffle in the forests of Fucecchio / San Miniato. 
The course consists of: 4 times 2 hours of training with your own dog (end with a test). 
Truffle training kit (training truffle and fragrance) 1x Truffle tour with experienced truffle hunter (+/- 1 hour) 
1x Truffle lunch (what delicious dishes can you make with this truffle) 

Costs for this course are € 500,- per person.


Truffletour and lunch
You will go out for an hour to find the delicious truffle together with a trufflehunter and his dog. During this tour, the trufflehunter will tell you about the truffle and its history in this region.

After this tour there is a delicious lunch waiting for you consisting of 4 courses prepared with fresh truffles of course also the local wines are included to complete lunch. 
Enjoy the culinary wonders of the truffle. 

Costs for this truffle hunting and lunch € 150,- per person.